Rosie Rutherford LLB (Hons), Dip IBS, ABPI, MSc


Established Cymbiosis as a company recognised within the field of equality and diversity, leading with interventions and approaches based on contemporary research, supporting clients to raise their performance and maintain their leadership position within their market.

Rosie works to support effective diversity and equality management in organisations, supporting and enabling the potential benefits this delivers to performance for individuals and organisations. This involves considering equality and diversity from a strategic and operational perspective, through organisational development, human resources to marketing and finance. Good equality and diversity practice constitutes a powerful lever for organisational and personal development and a sustainable organisational environment which promotes growth and effectiveness.


Business development, client relationship management and delivering to meet customer needs and expectations.

Strategic consultation on organisational culture, development and change.

Co- creating and designing leadership and management development programmes that integrate diversity and equality, using coaching and mentoring.

Reviewing workforce strategies and their policies and processes, specifically, on recruitment, selection and retention.