Jackie Waring MA (Hons), DMS, DipM, MSc

Strategy, Leadership and Change Management; Women's Enterprise and Finance for Women’s and Social Enterprise; Business and Economic Development

As one of few people in the UK to hold an MSc in Corporate Leadership, Jackie has practiced and proven her own leadership ability. She was 10 years CEO of one of Scotland’s leading Enterprise Trusts and 3 years MD of a subsidiary company, leading its turnaround.  During this period, Jackie achieved:

Jackie established Blue Horizons (Scotland) Ltd in 2003 to concentrate on two key areas of business – leadership and a wide range of enterprise activity.

She was a policy advisor to BERR (formerly DTI) for 2 years, leading the access to finance for women entrepreneurs agenda and has undertaken a wide range of activities supporting women in business ranging from policy / strategy to research to programme design and delivery.  Jackie has also undertaken significant work surrounding finance for social ventures.  She was also the first UK Advisory Board Member to the Global Banking Alliance for Women.

On leadership, Jackie and her Blue Horizons team regularly work with organizations to improve the leadership ability of the top teams to successfully drive future strategy and inspire the engagement of the workforce.  With employee numbers sometimes into the thousands, it is important to be able to measure that engagement and positive cultural change; hence the reason Jackie has collaborated with a software specialist to develop and register a new product called Culture Pulse® which is now live with clients.

Jackie frequently undertakes leadership profiles with clients and she has mentored many senior managers.  She has also been a registered mentor with the Scottish Leadership Foundation for a number of years.